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So many photographers share a similar story of how they started their love affair with photography at a very early age, influenced by a family member or close friend. Mine actually started a little later in life. What I did share with many of them was the love and passion to create. I searched and tried my hand at many different things but it wasn’t until I was in the printing and graphics art industry that things came came into focus (pun intended).
Deciding to pursue photography (much to the concern of those close to me lol), I began my journey as a freelance photojournalist with local newspapers. The lead photographer took the time to guide and critique me  (sometimes to death). I didn’t realize then just how helpful that was to be (Thanks Monique!). My years spent as a photojournalist were extremely rewarding. I grew not only as a photographer but also as a person.

We’re all visual creatures and helping clients create their vision is my passion! From the personal or corporate portrait, the actor needing that fresh new headshot, and even the fashion designer, they’re all visual stories that I love to help tell. I am always striving to learn and grow as well as educate and help guide my clients. We live in exciting times where people all over the world are able to take incredible images and I’m inspired daily by what I see happening. My goal as a working photographer is to provide my clients with high quality consistently.

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