About me… 

In putting together this page so you would know something about me, I looked at some of the other photographers websites to see what I could steal they were saying about themselves.

Apparently this is where you’d normally expect to read about my great accomplishments, my published works and the like… that’s just not me.

I’d love to tell you I attended a prestigious visual art school, I didn’t.
I’d love to talk about a recent book I published, there is none.
Nothing would give me more pleasure than to tell you I have traveled around the world shooting countless pictures for top rated magazine, but I haven’t.
I would like to “suggest” to you that Supermodels carry my phone number in their books whenever they want pictures taken; that would be a lie.

I’m a portrait photographer and I want to tell your story. I want to bring out the beauty and strength that is inside, and for you to have beautiful photographs to share with the people you love and those who love you.




Book now for a makeover and photoshoot.
Let’s tell your story.